Posidonia History

Once upon a time three pioneers, before the second world war, started shipbreaking and recycling spares under the name of 'Neptunia'.

Spare parts

Spare parts






more than 7000 tons permanently available from stock

Shell Eni
Not only anchors and chains for ships but also for buoy fields, intended for important customers such as Shell, Eni etc

Re Tested
Second hand anchors and chains needed to be re-tested in the presence of shipping registers to get an IACS test certificate, so in 1960 a powerful testing bench was bought by Neptunia

New Testing
The new testing bench with a maximum pull of about 500 tons and a length of 30 metres allowed the company to expand, also in the lifting market

History Certification
Ropes, shackles, hooks and so on.. Everything could be tested and get the certification of a shipping register

Stainless Steal
In 1980 Neptunia started to produce the first HHP anchors, approved by Lloyd’s register, licensed by one of the “fathers” of famous POOL anchors, Mr. Owehand

New Posidonia
In 1984, Neptunia created a new company called Posidonia with the same mission as Neptunia,but focusing on production

History Cutomized
Not only standard production but customized equipment projected, produced and fully tested

Open Genoa
The market for chains was still alive, but needed to come up with new ideas, so in 1990 Posidonia was one of the first companies to explore the chinese market and after a short while concluded the first joint venture with a chinese factory of chains: 800.000 usd of anchors and chains were available in Posidonia’s stock in Genoa

History Plane
Immediate shipping with the lowest price in Europe 35 tons of chains with anchor shipped from Genoa to Argentina for a vessel that had lost them

In 1996 a new opportunity came up due to new IMO regulations I.M.O. MSC35(63) 94.05.20: every tanker above 50.000 DWT needed to be equipped with an emergency towing system

One man 15 minutes

History Fender
Not only deck equipment for ships, but also for sea ports, so Posidonia concluded some agreements with an Indian company specialized in Fenders and pneumatic fenders

In 2011, after 3 years of studying and testing,Posidonia got approval from ABS, RMRS, RINA,BV, LR and DNV for the SHHP anchor

Big Anchor
In march 2013 the first record
  • The world's biggest SHHP anchor (Super High Holding Power) made of DUPLEX ®, a very special stainless steel with amazing mechanical properties and very resistant to corrosion

History Delivery
2nd November 2013 Posidonia reached its last goal, HHP PTW Anchor 15.000kgs! One of the biggest welded anchors ever built in EU. For sure, the biggest ever built in Italy.